Improve your organization processes - optimize QoS workforce, increase sales per agent, detect all problem situations, and filter all communications.

Using automation, identify and flag communications for improvement

Automatic Script Compliance powered by Deep Neural Networks learn more

Integrations with leading business software

Cisco, Genesys, Microsoft Exchange or OpenSource solutions like Asterisk - Voisi works great with all of them learn more

Follow your KPIs

Detect silence, crosstalk, speech rate and volume learn more

Manage all communications in a single interface

Browser-based solution which works well on desktop or mobile in Cloud or On-Premise versions learn more

Analytics at your fingertips

Process big-data analytics from verbal and text communications - phone calls, meeting recordings, emails & chats learn more

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Script compliance

Automatically checks if agent follows the script. Score is calculated automatically from raw transcription data blended with Natural Language Understanding/Processing. learn more

Single interface for all communication

Have track on all organization calls, messages and emails in single browser tab. learn more

Dashboard & reports

Check how the thing going on and export data to Excel or other data analytics applications. learn more

Filter everything

You won't ever again loose a track with powerful filters by Voisi. Find, sort & analyze all data from audio, video and text. learn more