Why Voisi?

Voisi is an international software company established in 2018.
Voisi Team

Voisi focused on analytics and productivity products for small & large companies

Among Voisi customers are companies and corporations from Europe, Asia and Middle East – retail, financial, healthcare, realty development, automotive & aerospace manufacturers. From small shop to multinational business Voisi products help to analyze raw speech and text data to find growth points for:
  • quality assurance and risk management,
  • sales,
  • debt collection,
  • customer engagement improvement and routine/robotic process automation.

Voisi has talent and skills

Voisi talented team has rich experience in variety of technologies and research domains, including machine learning:
  • speech recognition and synthesis,
  • natural language understanding & processing,
  • voice biometrics,
  • voice emotion recognition,
  • distributed & mobile computing.