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Script Compliance

Automatically checks if agent follows the script or checklist. Score is calculated automatically from raw transcription data using state of the art Natural Language Understanding/Processing techniques.  

Automatic speech transcription

Average accuracy for automatic transcription in English – 90%. Default vocabulary size in words and word-combinations – more than 600 000 entities.

Custom vocabularies speech transcription

Improved transcription requires custom vocabularies adapted for clients’ use-cases. Vocabulary is compiled from existing text data such as agent’s script or any other text in English. Custom vocabulary improves transcription accuracy – above 90%.

Keywords spotting

Supports multiple keyword lists up to several thousands entities each. Phrases of 3 and more words are supported.

First Call Resolution

Automatically detects repeating call complaints from clients, Risk reduction of potential business problems, leading to repeating calls.

Average Handling Time

Detects when agent doesn’t have required information during call with client. Identifies agent’s lack of knowledge about company’s service. Helps to determine incorrect help-desk workflow leading to clients hold-ups.

Detecting dissatisfied clients

Detects calls when client is dissatisfied with quality of service. Identifies calls when client says about competing company offers. Notifies when client wants to cancel his order or service.

Detecting silence & crosstalk

Crosstalk & silence between agent and client is exactly detected based on transcription. Agent’s speech is checked for silence notifications like ‘Wait a second’ Identifies interruption cause and its duration.

Emotion recognition

Machine learning technique identifies 8 different emotions from speech: neutral, calm, happy, sad, angry, fearful, disgust, surprised.

Voice biometrics

Identifies agent and client by voice. Searching through all calls for specific client not depending on his phone number.

Search, filters & data export

All audio, text and metadata are stored in PostgreSQL. Search and filtering is done via ElasticSearch. Search through all metadata, including full-text transcripts. Supports export of search and filtering results.

Business intelligence

Full-text transcripts of clients’ calls are suitable for data mining and enrichment of clients data in CRM.

Recording & storage

Using state of the art audio capturing and compression techniques 1 minute of audio with transcript takes only 30 Kb of storage.
1 Tb HDD can store audio and text for 60 years of recordings.

Detecting valuable calls for training

Finding calls which will help train workforce haven't been easier before.
Search and share valuable calls in minutes.